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Next week’s Heroes episode looks like it’s going to be pretty damned good…

This May Be The Best Costume I’ve Ever Seen

I wonder where one would procure such an outfit?

Viva la libertad — A Friend

Helping out Rebel.

Ryan Started The Fire

If you’re a fan of “The Office”, this is just awesome.

I Knew I Liked Dennis Miller

Boy, did he unload on Harry Reid. Click to watch…

Paris Hilton, Meet Justice

Paris Hilton, after being released from jail prematurely,was sent back. Crying and screaming for her mommy…

Awww, too bad. She actually has to face the same consequences as the rest of us. Boo Hoo.

Dick In A Box

I’m not much of a Justin Timberlake fan, but this is pretty damned funny…

Bob Hope Has It Figured Out

Hanging Out

This weekend marked the beginning of the Kansas City Jubilee, a local independent film festival. So I decided to venture out and see what the locals were up to. I saw a few shorts, then a feature-length movie called “Cadaverella”. A charming zombieesque movie where a girl is killed by some scumbag, then comes back to life for revenge.

Of course, she was having sex with the guy when he killed her and buried her body, so when she crawled up out of the ground, she was naked. Now I’ve seen nudity in film before, no big deal. However, I’ve never experienced seeing the nudity with the girl who is naked on the screen sitting a few seats away yelling “Don’t look, Mom!”, so that was something.

After the film, there was a reception at a local jazz joint. I didn’t get out of the movie until about 12:30, and got to the reception at around 1:00. I figured they would close soon, so I would just hang out, have a few beers, and enjoy some jazz.

So I’m sitting there with some friends, and Karen Black comes up and sits down at our table. Quite a nice lady. Seems she was going to host a screening of “Five Easy Pieces” the next day.

Well, the next thing I know, it’s 5:00AM, and the band is still playing, and the bar is still open. Despite that, I decided to call it a night, or morning, as the case was, I hadn’t been out that late in quite some time.

Now that’s my kind of bar, I’ll definitely be going back there again.

Git R Done

I went to see Larry The Cable Guy Health Inspector tonight. So here’s my brief movie review.

If you like Larry The Cable Guy, you’ll love this movie.

If you don’t like Larry The Cable Guy… then what the hell are you doing going to a movie starring Larry The Cable Guy?

You dumbass.