Monthly Archive for September, 2006

There’s Another Scandal Brewing

From E&P:

LOUISVILLE, KY. — U.S. Army officials are taking a close look at whether women in a Kentucky National Guard unit posed nude for pictures with their M-16s and other military equipment, authorities said.

I’ll bet they are…

Clinton Tried To Kill Santa

That evil, evil bastard!

Janice Is Kind Of A Sadistic Bitch

But she seems to have my sense of humor. There’s just something really funny about this.

Someone Get A Fire Extinguisher

Ah, the power of live TV…

My Next Job

So, the company is sending me to Chicago next week for a job. OK, that’s fine. However, the fact that they are flying me up there on the fifth anniversary of 9/11 does have me a little bit spooked.

But I’m sure I’ll be fine. If any terrorists have designs on the plane I’m occupying, I’ve got two words for them:

Let’s Roll!



Now that Dan Rather is moving over to HDNet, rumors are that his broadcasts may be targeted to a younger demographic. See for yourself:

Just A Little Tip From Your Uncle Evil

If it’s the only option you have, at least try to schedule your masturbation sessions at the public library while surfing porn at a time when the local media aren’t there doing an expose on, well, guys masturbating at the library while surfing porn.

Talk About Your Die Hard Baseball Fans

Clinton Sleeps

Bill Clinton was having such a good time at the Mets game that he fell asleep. I mean, it wasn’t really that exciting anyway. Just two grand slams, a 400th career HR for Carlos Delgado, and the Mets coming back from a six-run deficit to win it in the 9th off a two-run homer by Carlos Beltran.

Yeah, I can see why he was bored.