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Dancing Queen

Um, I guess it’s good that NASA has invented some sort of skin for robots that will help them avoid bumping into humans, I suppose that could come in handy.

However, the method in which they decided to unveil this new invention…well…

You just have to see it for yourself. I can’t believe no one at NASA thought to themselves, “Hey, you know what? That kind of looks like a dancing space penis.”

Sell! Sell! Sell!

My blog is worth $142,828.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Interesting Ad Campaign

The Utah State fair is using Napoleon Dynamite to promote their little shindig. Jake Hilton has the spots.

Strangely enough, even Bill Gates is getting on the ND bandwagon.

From Today’s “Ask Dr. SondraK”

Puberty Pals

Dear SondraK,

Just what is it with my obsessive fixation with BUSH and Cowboys and why am I such a boob???
sexually frustrated TOaD

Dear TOaD…perhaps this will explain.

Hehe, that’s freakin’ hilarious!

There’s Stupid

And then there’s this guy.

P.S. Definitely NOT safe for work. And if you don’t really want to see a guy try to shoot a bottle rocket out of his ass, just don’t click the link.

Overheard At A State Mental Hospital

Guard #1: Hey, you know that inmate named “Adonis”?

Guard #2: They guy on yard work duty, right?

Guard #1: Yeah, that’s him. He says he needs a machete.

Guard #2: For what?

Guard #1: For yard work.

Guard #2: He’s kind of violent, isn’t he?

Guard #1: Yeah.

Guard #2: And I heard one of the nurses say that he hasn’t been taking his meds for a few weeks.

Guard #1: Yeah, I think I heard that, too.

Guard #2: Sure, give him one. I can’t see how that would be a problem.

Things That Will Never Happen To Me

Among other things, this comes to mind:

A Russian couple had a narrow escape when their naked neighbour dropped in – through the ceiling.

Rozalia Valiakhmetova had been relaxing in the bath when the floor gave way, dropping her and the bath tub into the flat below.

She said: “I had just dozed off and then I heard this huge crash and realised what had happened. The bathroom floor just collapsed under the bath and I came crashing through the ceiling of the people below me.

“They seemed as shocked as I was when they saw me lying there naked in the bath in the middle of their living room.”

Naked women never fall into my living room. Sadly, there wasn’t a photo to go with the story.

Got A Blackberry?

Then you probably spent at least $200 on it. But it’s nice to be able to get your email on the go. Or at least for now, anyway.

Research In Motion Ltd. lost a Supreme Court bid to block proceedings that might result in a nationwide shutdown of its BlackBerry e-mail service.

Lawyers for RIM had argued its business would be harmed irreparably if the court did not delay the return of the case to the lower court where the company was found guilty in 2003 of violating patents held by NTP Inc.

I thought about buying one, but it just didn’t have all the features I wanted. Thank goodness I didn’t. If the email service shuts down, there’s gonna be a lot of pissed off people calling their wireless providers.

UPDATE: This probably won’t help RIM much, either.

I Guess They Celebrate Halloween A Little Differently In Holland

Horn of Pot

Wait, they always dress like that. Maybe that’s for Thanksgiving.

I Always Heard There Was A Pot At The End Of The Rainbow