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I’m Not Dead Yet

News of Terri Schiavo’s death hit CBS’s website a little prematurely today:

Surrounded by stuffed animals and medical equipment in her small hospice room in Pinellas Park, Fla., Theresa Marie Schindler Schiavo died TK.

Known as Terri Schiavo, the severely brain damaged Florida woman spent her last months in the glare of the public eye as a few still images and several seconds of video of her repeatedly broadcast around the world. She appeared made up and dressed, although the 41-year-old had not enunciated a word nor made any choices since the 1990 heart attack that left her body and mind ravaged.

Granted, it wasn’t ready for publication and was a draft for when she eventually dies, but the idiots actually had it viewable on their site.

Good job there, guys.

Hat Tip: Glenn Beck

Kurtz Points Out The Obvious

From the WaPo comes a story that some might find shocking:

College faculties, long assumed to be a liberal bastion, lean further to the left than even the most conspiratorial conservatives might have imagined, a new study says.

By their own description, 72 percent of those teaching at American universities and colleges are liberal and 15 percent are conservative, says the study being published this week. The imbalance is almost as striking in partisan terms, with 50 percent of the faculty members surveyed identifying themselves as Democrats and 11 percent as Republicans.

The disparity is even more pronounced at the most elite schools, where, according to the study, 87 percent of faculty are liberal and 13 percent are conservative.

Wow, really? Who would have suspected that?

Minuteman Protest Already Working

More Border Patrol agents will be forthcoming:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The Homeland Security Department will assign more than 500 additional patrol agents to the porous Arizona border, saying they will help keep potential terrorists and illegal immigrants from entering the country, The Associated Press has learned.

The border buildup was to be announced Wednesday – two days before civilian volunteers with the so-called Minuteman Project begin a monthlong Arizona patrol against immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico line.

That’s definitely a good start.

Hat Tip: Blogs for Bush

Google’s AdSense Could Use Some Tweaking…


Please, Not Again

Pope may require feeding tube.

Great, just what we need. Another feeding tube debate.

Johnny Cochran Dies

At least that’s what someone told me they heard. I can’t find a link yet, but will post one if I find it.

UPDATE: Apparently, it was a brain tumor. O.J. Simpson is quoted as having “nothing but good things to say about him”. No shit?

What A Crappy Way To Go

Off all the ways one could die, this has to be one of the worst:

A Czech tractor driver died under eight tons of manure in a bizarre accident that has baffled his employers, local media reported.

The 34-year old man, identified only as Martin T, suffocated after the load fell on him while he was dumping it in a field near the western Czech city of Karlovy Vary, news Web Site reported Sunday. “It absolutely beats me how this could happen,” said Vladimir Erps, chief of the company employing the victim.

“The truck is operated from the tractor cabin, using hydraulics. There was nothing for him to do under the truck, but it’s tough to blame him now that he is dead,” the news site quoted him as saying.

Police are investigating the death as a work-related accident.

Maybe the pine smell in my car isn’t that bad after all…

It’s Almost Easter

Easter Bunnies

What Is That Smell?

You know those car air fresheners in the shape of a pine tree that smell like a pine tree? (Why anyone would want their car to smell like a pine tree on purpose is beyond me, but I’m digressing.)

Today I hauled thirty-six bags of pine bark mulch in my unnecessarily over sized, gas guzzling SUV from the Home Depot to my house.

I won’t be needing one of those air fresheners for a loooooooong time.

Fun With Moonbats – The Photostory

Saturday, March 19th, 2005 – It was a beautiful, sunny day, and the local chapter of Protest Warrior was meeting up for a march. We were headed to City Hall to counter-protest the anti-war crowd. And we were joined by some Freepers as well.


If you look closely, you can see her ink-stained finger.

We met up at the pre-designated area (codenamed – “Barney”) (why, I have no idea) and got to work on our signs:


I was carrying this one:


After all the signs were ready to go, we lugged them over our shoulders and headed to City Hall. We were early, as we wanted the protesters to see us as they came around the corner.

After a short hike, we claimed our spot across the street from City Hall, which was their designated gathering area. You don’t want to get too close to a bunch of “peace” protesters, you’re liable to be assaulted if you disagree with them. 

We had already called the local police and informed them of our intentions, and they had no problem with our presence. Once we arrived at our location, we noticed that our spot was well-shaded from the eighty degree heat. Not much shade outside City Hall. Protest Warriors – 1, Moonbats – 0.

The local police sent a few officers to hang out on our side of the street, just in case.


Nice guys. They spoke with us for a brief time then went back to their duties.

We also noticed the local media was in attendance as well:


Of course, we had already spoken with them, too, so they knew we were coming.

After about twenty or thirty minutes, we saw the first of the protesters start to come around the corner. They didn’t make it to City Hall at 2:00 as they said they would, they were about fifteen minutes late. But better late than never, right?

They had all manner of signs.


That large one said “Regime Change Begins At Home”. Apparently, they weren’t aware that we just had an election a few months back, and their guy lost. As did some of their Congressmen and Senators and Governors. But why let facts get in the way of a catchy slogan? Also, notice the paper mache head of Bush. You can’t tell from the photo, but he had a forked tongue. I was surprised to see that, it must have actually involved work.

And as usual, a protest march for peace brings out many of the moonbat factions, not just the peaceniks. We didn’t get as many factions as you’d find in, say, San Francisco. But we had groups such as the Industrial Workers of the World.


They’re vehement anti-capitalists who want to do away with the wage system so that everyone makes the same amount of money and lives in peace and harmony. And no one has any incentive to produce anything or work hard because there’s no point in it.

You know, when I think of industrial workers, I think of big burly guys in steel mills, not scrawny little guys who look tired from holding up a nylon banner. But hey, maybe that’s just me.

And they had cheerleaders:


Not the kind you’d find working for a professional sports team, mind you. They look like this:


That’s Micaela Johnson, a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Anyway, that was them doing one of their cheers. More on them later.

And what protest would be complete without anarchists?


They had banners attached to PVC pipes that all connected together. They lined up at the edge of the street so that we could read their signs. However, they never did figure out that they had all their banners backwards. They must have gone to government schools.

All the while this was occurring, there was a band playing. I could not make out most of the songs they were playing, but there was one I recognized straight away. It was “Down by the Riverside”, which, oddly enough, is a religious anthem. They did a nice job. After that performance, I was hoping for a stirring rendition of “Go Down, Moses”, but that was not forthcoming. I’m guessing the ACLU had no members present, as singing a religious song while on government property would certainly constitute a lawsuit.

About ten minutes after the moonbats arrived, the local news media apparently had all the footage of them that they needed, and decided to get some footage of our side of the aisle street.


Of course, all the media converging upon our side of the street did not go unnoticed by the moonbats. Several of them decided they needed to come over and interrupt as many interviews as they could.


The guy and girl on the right in glasses injected themselves into several interviews. The girl had been over previously, before the moonbat parade arrived, to try and school us on the benefits of leaving the Taliban and Saddam in power. Somehow, none of us were convinced.

After about an hour of interviews, the media packed up and left, as did the “Moonbatus Interruptus”. So far, so good. A few moonbats had wandered over and talked to us, some more beligerant than others, but nothing remotely approaching a confrontation or violence.

And then came the anarchists.

They crossed the street and lined up right in front of us in an attempt to block our signs. Since theirs were hanging from PVC pipe, the highest they could get them was arm’s length above their heads, which would amount to six to six and a half feet at best. Our signs were three feet tall, mounted on six foot two-by-two’s. So naturally, we had no problems lifting our signs high above theirs.

Now, I’ve never met an anarchist in person, but I did make a few empirical observations. The only prerequisite I could determine from their presence to becoming an anarchist is to STINK. And optionally, wearing a wrap-around hood to cover your face was all the rage. Judging from their smell, I could only assume the hood was for the purpose of masking both an advanced case of halitosis and a lack of teeth due to neglected dental hygiene. As luck would have it, we were upwind from the moonbats, and thankfully so. There were only about ten of them that came over to impede our freedom of speech, but that was enough to make me nearly pass out. Sadly, I did not arrive prepared for biological warfare, but fortunately was able to survive with minimal damage to my olfactory mechanisms. I can’t imagine what the smell on the other side of the street must have been like. And that doesn’t even take into consideration the patchoulli.

Shortly after the anarchists’ arrival, the confrontations began. But fortunately for us, the police department sent over about seven or eight motorcycles, and blocked off the entire lane closest to us to be in close proximity, just in case.

The first anarchist to become unglued was of the female variety.


She was doing her part, as I said, to impede our freedom of speech by holding up the banner in front of us, but for her, that wasn’t enough. Shortly after arriving, she turned around and began unleashing a stream of expletives at us that would have made a sailor blush. I will not repeat them here. She did receive a visit from one of the policemen stationed directly in front of us shortly after her tirade began. Which seemed to quell her desire to berate us.

The girl on the left was there, by her account, as an impartial photojournalist. She had arrived early and did a quick walk-by filming of us, stopping to ask each of us why we were there. However, she did seem to know the anarchists quite well for an “impartial” photojournalist. Here she is on the other side of the street right next to them:


As for the photo before that one, did you notice anything odd? Here’s a better one:


Their presence on our side was solely to cover our signs with theirs so that the moonbats on the other side of the street would see their message, not ours. However, once again, they had the signs backwards, this time facing us. To their credit, they did notice this time, after about ten minutes. Perhaps I was too harsh in my judgment of government schools after all. Or not.

Remember the cheerleaders? They arrived shortly after the anarchists. Some of them had mini-bullhorns and were offering up the following Shakespearian prose:

Racist, sexist, anti-gay
Right-wing bigots, go away

We all looked at each other and wondered to whom they were speaking. Other than right-wing, nothing in that “cheer” described any of us. Of course, they did halt the “cheer” long enough to call one of our members a fag. Ah, tolerance at its finest. And I don’t think our “fag” even knew Jeff Gannon.

It was at this point that the anarchist directly in front of me decided to spark up a conversation. He claimed to be from Israel and wanted to know if they had my support. Now, an Israeli who is also an anarchist asking you if you support his country is obviously asking a loaded question, but I decided to play along. I offered that they did indeed have my support. He then questioned me about the “occupation”. I still don’t understand how having a presence on your own land is considered an “occupation”, but that’s just semantics, right?. After a seemingly prepared speech about Gaza and the West Bank, I questioned him to see if he knew how those lands came to be “occupied”. He was indeed aware of the Six Day War, but had no answer to the question of why in the previous nineteen years or so that Egypt occupied the West Bank, that they did not establish a Palestinian homeland. He did offer up anecdotes of the iron fist with which Israel rules those areas, and said that Egypt was more tolerant of their presence. I just pointed to my sign. I don’t recall any incidents in Egypt of terrorists blowing themselves up in the vicinity of women and children to facilitate the “liquidation of the Zionist presence” (PLO Charter, Article 15).

After quieting him, I decided to give a short lesson in political philosophy to the person next to him. I asked him knowingly if he was an anarchist. He confirmed that he was. I then pointed out to him that as politics go, there is a left and a right. He agreed. I then explained that the further to the left you go, the more government control is exercised. Starting at dead center and moving to the left, you will pass Bill Clinton (don’t ask, don’t tell), Nancy Pelosi, the Massachusetts Senatorial delegation, fascism, and eventually end up at communism/Marxism. However, the further to the right you go, the less government is involved. Starting at dead center and moving to the right, you pass the Bushes, Reagan, Ayn Rand, Pat Buchanan (hehe), and eventually end up at anarchy, which is the complete lack of any government. He did not like hearing that he was even more right-wing than I was. I decided not to ruin his day any further.

After a short discussion with my fellow Protest Warriors and a brief consultation with the police, it was determined that we should go around the anarchists and move into the lane in the street that the police had blocked off. We took our new positions, much to the dismay of the anarchists who were now behind us. They began pressing up against us and pushing us into the police. Needless to say, the police were not amused, and quickly educated the anarchists on how not to really piss off the cops. After seeing this display, the police sergeant who was the ranking officer on the scene ordered all of us back onto the curb and off the street.

The anarchists, now behind us, backed off first, and crowded the curb in an attempt to keep us from staying in front. The sergeant informed them that they needed to “stop acting like children” and make room for us. Which they did, begrudgingly.

At this point, we were in a rather precarious position. There were anarchists directly behind us. Looking to my right, I could see one of my compatriots being thumped in the head with the PVC pipe the anarchists were using to hold up their banners. As for me, I had a special anarchist behind me. He appeared to be their leader.


He’s the one with graying hair pictured just to the left of the shirtless anarchist. Not knowing his name we dubbed him “Jerry Garcia”. He was slightly behind me and to the left. I was holding my sign up right in front of their PVC pipe. Seeing he had a leverage advantage, he instructed the anarchist slightly behind me and to my right to press the PVC pipe against my sign and force me out into the street, which the police had just moments prior forbidden. The sergeant noticed this and immediately confronted Jerry. Here’s a photo of the sergeant.


I myself was being thumped in the head as this photo was taken earlier in the festivities. As a result, I lost my grip on the camera (I was still holding the six-foot sign with the other hand) and one of my fingers slightly obscured the lens.

The officer informed Jerry that if he and his cohort were successful in pushing me out into the street again, that they would be the ones carted off to jail. Jerry immediately lied denied that he had pushed me into the street, and told the officer that there were “two sides to every story”. The officer, of course, not buying that, informed him once again of the rules. Needless to say, Jerry and his friend didn’t push me into the street again.

Shortly after that, the thunderheads began rolling in, and it was decided that we should head back. We left to quite a round of applause. The police thanked us for conforming to the guidelines that we ourselvels had laid out (In a conftontation between peaceful citizens who are there to express support for the troops and anarchists, whose goal is eradication of the police, whose side do you think the police would take?). I was not aware that we were so appreciated by the moonbat species. Of course, we were the ones who had enough sense to come in out of the rain. The anarchists and the others stayed. It was probably the first shower they’ve had in weeks.

Update: Jumping into the Beltway Traffic Jam