The Aftermath…

Moonshine, cigars, redheaded sluts, red nail polish, guitars, singing… What a weekend. A good time seemed to be had by all. Some had a really good time. ……Eric punched me in the head. Twice. But I forgave him. I thought if I didn’t, he might punch me again. Hey look, my crypto just went active, that does work!

Some things I learned this weekend:

Eric is always armed.
My fake Scottish accent doesn’t fool actual Scottish people.
Yankees sleep a lot.
If the bathroom door says “Lassies” on it, it’s not the men’s room. Ok, I already knew that, but someone didn’t. And I’ve got a photo to prove it as soon as I get my film developed.
Peanuts should be crunchy, not squishy.
Key gets cold easily.
There really are two Dogsnot guys.
I still don’t like grits.

Not an all-inclusive list, but some things just shouldn’t be spoken. I can’t wait for next year, hope I can make it, it was a blast.

UPDATE: For more, see Kelley, Eric, Velociman, and Dax.

UDPDATE II: Catfish is posting, too.

UPDATE III: Parkway Rest Stop and Dogsnot are weighing in… Now you can get the Yankee perspective.

UPDATE IV: Key weighs in and is trying to ruin my reputation… And to add to the list above, salting your food before you taste it is an insult to the cook.

6 Responses to “The Aftermath…”

  • ..again, man.. sorry…. I only did it because I love you…. really.. but, you bit me first…

    .. but, still… take comfort in the fact that your Scottish accent is MUCH better than Mel Gibson’s…

  • I can’t believe I missed the evil v. straight white guy fight. dammit.

  • It wasn’t a fight, more of a "I wonder if he’s serious about saying he would punch me" kind of thing.

  • It sounds as if you were up to try just about anything.

    Grits? Boiled peanuts?…

    How about Boone’s Farm, was there any of that floating around?

  • Yes there was. In the glowing blue and glowing green varieties. I didn’t drink any of that stuff, had enough in high school to last a lifetime. But Catfish and Acidman were sucking it up big time.

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