Blogtoberfest, Day 1

The Southern Drinking Festival is an appropriate name. I was delayed getting into Helen, but by the time I got here, things were in full swing. Having  a great time. No naked Greco-Roman wrestling yet, but there’s always tomorrow. I would blog more, but as the title of the festivity implies, I’m pretty drunk, so I’m going to bed.

When Eric said “Woe betide those in the Comfort Inn” he must have meant that we (well, just me, as luck would have it) would have to walk back to the Comfort Inn after all the drinking. Which sucked. Oh well, that’s what I get for not signing up in time for a room in the Chalet Kristy…

I’ll bet I’m the only one blogging the first day of Blogtoberfest, hehe. My cell phone won’t get a native signal here, but my wireless Internet seems to work just fine.

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