Bill Maher Is An Idiot

That is all.

5 Responses to “Bill Maher Is An Idiot”

  • …and his plastic smile is somehow both goofy and patronizing at the same time.

  • I’m just curious, why do you think that?

  • Just listen to him speak for a few minutes.

  • Hmmm…When Bill Maher:

    a.)Defends the Unabomber

    b.)Calls all people that believe in traditional faiths "idiots"

    c.)Makes excuses for terrorism

    the list could go on and on. Honestly, all you need to do is listen to him speak. I don’t understand how any woman can support him. He is a self admitted sexist.

  • Bill Maher is even uglier than I ma. And I’m very ugly!

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