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Way To Go McCain!

John McCain just took a shot at Michael Moore (who is in the audience) calling him a “disingenuous film maker”. It got such crowd approval and cheers of “four more years” that McCain said it again. Then he commented on how Moore’s movie would lead you to believe Iraq was a peaceful oasis while Saddam was there.

Go John!

Who Let This Guy In?

Oh wait, they didn’t…

Film maker Michael Moore is prevented from entering the floor by U.S. Secret Service and convention security officials during the prime time program of the 2004 Republican National Convention at Madison Square Garden in New York, August 30, 2004. Moore was not arrested or removed from the convention, only denied access to the floor area. Republicans opened their four-day national convention on Monday with salutes to President George W. Bush’s wartime leadership and repeated reminders of his aggressive response to the September 11, 2001, attacks.

They don’t give many details on why he wasn’t admitted, just that he wasn’t. I know he’s covering the convention for USA Today, maybe journalists aren’t allowed on the floor. Or maybe he would have taken the floor over its weight limit.

What Now, France?

France passed a law that goes into effect on Thursday that bans “conspicuous” religious items in schools, including Christian crosses, Jewish yamakas, and Muslim headscarves. A few days ago, a group calling themselves the Islamic Army of Iraq kidnapped two French journalists and are demanding that the law be repealed.

Now I am no fan of the French, but I do feel bad for the journalists and their families. I am very curious to see how France responds to this. We already know that Spain and the Philippines fold like deck chairs, and France certainly has quite a history of waving the white flag. Maybe France should wake up and realize that anything they do that angers radical Muslim terrorists will likely end in this sort of situation and take some action.

Despite their policy of preemptive surrender, I don’t see France changing this law. Personally, I don’t think that sort of law would fly here due to free speech and religious freedom issues, but France seems to have no problem trampling on its citizens’ rights.

Let’s just hope they follow Italy’s example of not backing down last week when Enzo Baldoni was kidnapped and murdered by the same group that now holds the French journalists.


Here Comes The Bounce

ABC News is reporting some good news for Bush:

As his nominating convention kicks off, an ABC News/Washington Post poll shows Bush has erased most of John Kerry’s gains on issues and attributes alike, retaking a sizable lead in trust to handle terrorism, moving ahead on Iraq and battling the Democratic presidential nominee to parity on the economy — the three top issues of the 2004 campaign.

Bush also has reclaimed an advantage in being seen as more honest and trustworthy, bolstered his rating for strong leadership and moved to a 10-point lead as better qualified to serve as commander in chief, erasing Kerry’s edge in the latter after his convention late last month.

The race between the two remains essentially unchanged — even among likely voters, at 48 percent to 48 percent. But the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll shows clear deflation for Kerry across a range of measures: Strong enthusiasm for his candidacy has dropped by 16 points (almost precisely what it gained after Boston), and his personal favorability rating has lost eight points to hit a new low. Bush, meanwhile, has chipped five points off the number of Americans who see him unfavorably.

Not bad, and the convention just got underway a few minutes ago.

UPDATE: Rasmussen shows Bush ahead in its Electoral College Projection

John O’Neill Facts

According to this story in the LA Times:

* O’Neill voted for Al Gore in 2000;
* he has described President Bush to several friends as an “empty suit;”
* of the leading candidates for national office, regardless of party, his favorite is Sen. John Edwards.

Sounds like a vast right-wing conspiracy to me…

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin


“Unfit” Tops List

“Unfit for Command” is number one on the New York Times bestseller list for non-fiction. I guess people really are interested in what they have to say. I’ll bet there was a lot of teeth grinding at the old gray lady when they had to put that factoid out.


Looking at what people have hit my site for from search engine results in the last few weeks, roughly 90% of the searches are for either “tootsie heinz kerry” or “pinky the cat”.  What’s up with that?

Grasping At Straws

According to this piece of work (PDF file) on Kerry’s sight, connections between Bush and the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth are proven due to things such as:

Bob J. Perry gave money to both the Swift Vets and the Bush campaign

Texas Lazar was a law partner with O’Neill and a Lieutenant Governor candidate with Bush

Merrie Spaeth who is a Swift Vet PR consultant is also a long-time Bush supporter

Kay Bailey Hutchinson is a friend of Merrie Spaeth

Yeah, I’m convinced. Man, the Kerry campaign must really be getting desparate to try and float this kind of stuff.

Hat Tip: Jessica

UPDATE: I just noticed a few more things. Like this:

Minnesota RNC – Official Republican website in Battleground State; Coordinated linkage with Swift Boat website—provide direct link to Swift Boat commercial.

Hey, I provided a link for their commercial, and I’m a Bush supporter. Why am I not on the list? I should send them an email. Also, they’re listing the Swifties as Swift Boat Veterans for Bush. Sly, I didn’t even notice it the first time I looked at it.

Odd Story Off The AP Wire

NEW YORK (AP) — It was one of those heated political discussions that happen at conventions — but delegate Steve Frank was having it with a topless female protester.

“Vietnam and Iraq — what else do you discuss with a half-naked woman?” the staunch social conservative from Simi Valley, Calif., marveled later of the encounter in the street outside his hotel.

Frank said he quickly called his wife of 32 years to tell her about the incident before she heard it from someone else.

And he wasn’t claiming to have won the argument.

“One does not win a debate in the streets of New York with a half-naked woman,” he said.

Unfortunately, the story was not accompanied by a photo.

Kerry Daughters Booed

Here’s what WorldNetDaily is reporting:

A widespread assumption that young Americans watching MTV may be more prone to vote for John Kerry for president over George W. Bush could be highly off target, as Kerry’s daughters received prolonged booing at the network’s Music Video Awards in Miami.

“From the moment Alexandra and Vanessa started speaking, the boos outweighed anything close to cheers,” according to the Drudge Report.

Another website, stated: “At one point one of the daughters even held her finger to her mouth in an effort to ‘shush’ the rowdy crowd. The boos only grew louder when the daughters suggested that the best choice for a president in this year’s election should be their father.”

The article goes on to compare this event to Linda Ronstadt getting booed for talking about Michael Moore, Don Henley getting booed for supporting Linda Ronstadt, and Hillary Clinton getting booed at a VH-1 event three years ago. They didn’t mention Michael Moore getting booed at the Oscars last year, though.

Maybe one day these people will wake up and smell the coffee.