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Woman May Have Taken Trip With Dead Mother

I guess Aunt Edna wasn’t available…

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Official 2004 Democratic National Convention Program

Got this off today’s Nuze:

6:00pm- Opening flag burning ceremony. 
6:30pm- Anti-war rally no. 1. 
6:40pm- Ted Kennedy proposes a toast. 
7:00pm- Tribute theme to France. 
7:10pm- Collect offerings for al-Zawahri and al-Sadr defense fund. 
7:20pm- Ted Kennedy proposes a toast. 
7:25pm- Tribute theme to Spain. 
7:45pm- Anti-war rally no. 2. (Moderated by Michael Moore) 
8:00pm- John Kerry presents one side of the issues 
8:25pm- Ted Kennedy proposes a toast. 
8:30pm- Terrorist appeasement workshop. 
9:00pm- Gay marriage ceremony. 
9:30pm- * Intermission * (Refreshments hosted by Ted Kennedy) 
10:00pm- Flag stomping and defacing ceremony 
10:15pm- Re-enactment of Kerry’s fake medal toss. 
10:30pm- Cameo by Dean ‘Yeeearrrrrrrg!’ 
10:40pm- Ted Kennedy proposes a toast. 
10:50pm- Pledge of allegiance to the UN. 
11:00pm- Double gay marriage ceremony. 
11:15pm- Maximizing Welfare workshop. 
11:20pm- John Kerry presents the other side of the issues 
11:30pm- ‘Free Saddam’ pep rally. 
11:59pm- Ted Kennedy proposes a toast. 
12:00am – Nomination of Democrat candidate.

Golf Cart Bling

Ok, does anyone really need one of these?

panasonic_g70_small.jpg image

Send Him To The Gas Chamber, That’s What It’s There For

In the ongoing saga of liberalism run amok, we take you to San Francisco. A cop has been gunned down for the first time in nearly a decade, and their new district attorney, Kamala Harris, has decided she’s not going to go for the death penalty.

“Based on a long and extensive thought and analysis of the death penalty in the state and the city, based on all of those factors that decision has been made,” Harris said. Apparently she ran for office on an anti-death penalty platform, so she’s decided that since she doesn’t believe in the it, screw the law. Of course, this has the cops none too pleased, which I fully understand.

Of course, if the DA can randomly enforce the law, why can’t the cops? Miss Harris had better hope no one shows up at her house to rob, rape, or murder her, because I have a sneaking suspicion that help from the police department might not be as speedy as it normally would be.

Don’t mess with the police, of all people. These are the men and women that keep the bad guys off the street. If there’s any group of people you want to keep happy it’s them. Even Diane Feinstein has said a cop killer’s punishment should not be based on politics. “To say even before the case is tried, you’re not going to go for the death penalty because quote, San Franciscans don’t want it,” she said. “Here’s one San Franciscan that doesn’t feel that way.”

Uh, oh, I agree with Diane Feinstein on something. Someone please get me some duct tape, I think my head is about to explode.

I Wish I Could Afford A $1000 Haircut

Sources inside the Kerry campaign are saying that Kerry flew his hairdresser into Pittsburgh from D.C. for a touch-up before his Meet the Press appearance. Estimated cost? Over $1000. Well, at least he’s in touch with the common man. And he didn’t hold up traffic at an airport while he got the haircut on the tarmac.

Eventually He’ll Figure Out The Mic Is Still On…

According to Drudge:

Kerry unaware being taped after GMA segment, “Geez…  They’re working for the Republican National Committee” of ABC’s Charlie Gibson, GMA Staff…

So Kerry finally gets some tough questions about his waffling on whether or not he threw his medals, and he thinks that Charlie Gibson is working for the RNC? As if anyone at the big three networks is even slightly conservative. Next thing you know he’ll be accusing Bill Clinton of trying to upstage his campaign by releasing his memoirs in June. Oh, wait..

RSS Feed for Microsoft KB Articles

I just found an RSS feed for new Microsoft KB articles. You can get it here.

I Am A Grammar God

Grammar God!
You are a GRAMMAR GOD!

If your mission in life is not already to
preserve the English tongue, it should be.
Congratulations and thank you!

How grammatically sound are you?
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Go ahead, take the test. It doesn’t tell you how many you got wrong (or maybe I answered all the questions correctly).

Thanks to KC for finding the quiz.

Who Knew He Could Sing?

Last week, I was listening to Sean Hannity’s radio show, and he had Danny Aiello on. He was promoting his new cd. I’ve always liked Danny as an actor (he was really good in Three Days in the Valley), but I had no idea he could sing, too. Sean asked him about his political leanings, and Danny said he pretty much agreed with everything Sean spoke about on his show, so that makes him an actor, singer, and conservative. A rare breed, indeed. They played a few seconds of some of his songs on the show, and I thought they sounded pretty good, so this weekend, I went and picked up the cd.

So I got out to the car and popped it in, and gave it a listen. I love this cd! The songs are all brand new arrangements of classics like All of Me and Pennies From Heaven. The band they put together to record this cd is outstanding, and it is very well mixed. Danny’s vocals are great, very airy, he melts right into the music. I would highly recommend this cd if you like lounge-style music.

72 Virgins

A few weeks ago, a sixteen year-old Palestinian boy tried walking through an Israeli checkpoint with a bomb strapped to his chest. Hussam Abdo, according to an interview with his mother, isn’t very bright. She says he has the intellect of a twelve year-old. She said he wanted to be a hero and was promised the seventy-two virgins that suicide bombers are entitled to, and that sexual activty would then ensue.

Man, what could be better for an sixteen year-old than seventy-two virgins? Well, maybe they could throw in a porn star that could give the others some pointers, but that’s beside the point. Everyone know how teenage hormones can be, can you blame the guy?

Speaking of seventy-two virgins, someone should have told Bill Clinton back in the nineties that if he could capture Bin Laden that he would get seventy-two virgins. That would have been the end of that.